Formerly called "SAM MULDOON and The Philosopher's Stone"




        'HARRY POTTER and The Philosopher's Stone'


"The law of defamation is supposed to protect people's reputations from unfair attack. In practice, its main effect is to hinder free speech and protect powerful people from scrutiny."

 (Prof. Brian Martin - Associate Professor in the School of Social  Sciences, Media and Communication, University of Wollongong Australia.)


Mr. William Kelly is no longer maintaining this site. After much soul-searching upon the recent death of his wife Joan, he has accorded with her wish to desist from the struggle and, in a spirit of forgiveness, of which he is neither author nor creator, commends Joanne Rowling to the custodianship of His God and hers, Jesus Christ. He is at peace with himself. The book "li Po" is still available from The Bogside Artists link above as it was written to be read and has every right to be read. And nobody has the moral right to prevent anyone from reading it. The gist of what this site is about is still to be read from the LiPo2 link top left.And for those of you who know enough about how the world works not to have been taken in by Potter and Rowling there are THE FACTS which you will find on our BLOG.